Election Daze is an episode from the third season of Garfield and Friends.


Roy runs against Orson for head of the barnyard.


The animals are shucking corn and looking out for the weasel on Orson's command. The weasel snakes by to Roy who is bored of shucking corn for a customer and tricks him into questioning Orson's responsibilities as the head of the barnyard. Orson gives Roy all the many reasons why into the night. Roy then recommends that they hold an election to determine who should be the leader.

Roy takes the election very seriously and starts acting like a politician all over the farm. When the chickens go to vote, none of them step out of the booth because the weasel planted a trap door for them to fall through. Orson and Roy tail the weasel to the end of the tunnel and come up with a plan. Roy frees the chickens with his campaign button and Orson toys with the weasel until the chickens are free. The weasel tumbles into the river and is carried off.

Roy resigns from the election and declares Orson the winner. As Orson enjoys his election win, the customer then comes by to get his corn, compelling Orson to finish shucking. He then notes that leadership does have its drawbacks.


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