Egg Over Easy Part 2 is an episode from the seventh season of Garfield and Friends.


Orson and Bo, now joined by Roy, finish the story of the time Wade went back to being an egg.


Orson and Bo return to continue the story of Wade's relapsing into an egg with Roy joining them. The rooster does a quick recap of the events of the previous episode's part of the story and they continue.

Wade, now in his egg shield, wandered around not having a care in the world that he sheltered himself from while gloating about it to his friends. Roy was busy putting in a new alarm for anyone to pull in case the Weasel was around. Booker then came by to talk to Wade about how silly it was of him to do that and how he should not have run off on his surprise party. Wade then remembered that it was his birthday and wanted to get the party going. He found that Orson had stopped the party because Wade was technically not yet born, being an egg again, thus crushing Wade's spirit.

The Weasel came onto the farm and spotted Wade. Wade is unable to sound the alarm since his arms were trapped in the egg he made. He becomes easy prey for the Weasel. When the others found out about this, they quickly thought of an idea to save Wade.

The Weasel was busy looking up a good egg recipe to cook Wade into. Tired of all that he could not do in a shell, Wade burst out and was a duck again, which forced the Weasel to switch to duck recipes. A colossal mother duck came in and scared the Weasel away. It turns out it was Roy in disguise and his friends holding him up on their shoulders for height appearance. With that, Wade went back to being a duck.

The story ends there. Wade then comes in wearing another papier mache egg, having not learned his lesson and willing to give it a second try. He soon regrets his decision as he has a crazy encounter with the Easter Bunny, who wants to paint his egg shell.



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