Egg Over Easy Part 1 is an episode from the seventh season of Garfield and Friends.


Orson and Bo tell the story of when Wade once considered going back to being an egg.


Orson and Bo are joined by the viewers and they decide to tell the story of when Wade decided to be an egg again.

Wade had suffered from many ridiculous fears in the past, be it finding unidentifiable things in soup, people named Walter, and even nothing to be afraid of at all.

It was also Wade's birthday, and when the gang all came out and surprised him, he was so shocked from it that he ran away. They tried to get him to come back but gave up given how far he had run away by that point.

Meanwhile, Sheldon was being chased by the Weasel who was craving some egg. However, Sheldon managed to save himself by turning on his heat lamp, making his shell too hot for the Weasel to hold. Wade asked Sheldon why he was so insistent on staying inside his egg. Sheldon told him that when he was still being ready to be born, someone lined the nest he and Booker were in back then with a newspaper that told of the horrifying things in the world, so he felt best to stay in his egg. Even in his condition, he still has many accommodations and necessities to life out his life in security. This gave Wade an idea.

Wade created a papier mache egg with him inside so he can be just like Sheldon and never worry about the outside world again. Of course, with no eye holes, he had trouble seeing where he was going. However, the Weasel spotted him and...

However, Orson finds out that their segment is over and they'll have to leave it on a cliffhanger. He tells the viewers to come back for the next show to find out what happened next while holding up a To Be Continued... sign and arguing with Bo over who should finish the story then.



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