Edward "Ed" Arbuckle (voiced by Chuck McCann) was Jon Arbuckle's fat and lazy uncle, who once overstayed at the Arbuckle residence.

Physical Appearance

Ed is bald on the front and top of his head, with brown hair at the sides and back of his head. He has a fat face and a pudgy nose. He is a large man and is usually wearing a brown suit with tie and dark shoes.


Uncle Ed is fatter, greedier, ruder and lazier than Garfield. He came to Jon’s house to cheat on his diet, stole Jon’s bedroom and started to make ridiculous demands, such as painting the house a different color.


The Thing That Stayed Forever

Uncle Ed comes to Jon's house for a surprise stay. It is not too long before he begins to overstay his welcome by eating all of the food himself, having Jon pay for food he orders, steals Jon's bedroom, and orders Jon to paint the house a different color. After months of dealing with Ed's freeloading, Jon begs Garfield to try to get rid of him. When none of Garfield's attempts work, he has Jon call Uncle Ed's wife, Edna to take Ed home for cheating on his diet and Uncle Ed finally leaves.

The Automated, Animated Adventure

Garfield briefly mistakes a T-Rex for Ed.


Garfield and Friends

Season 4


  • It is believed that he likes aluminum foil.
  • He is similar to Jon's Aunt Ivy, although she is worse than him; while Jon wanted to get rid of Uncle Ed after a few months, Jon wants to get of rid Ivy as soon as she shows up.
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