Drusilla and Minerva (both voiced by Laura Summer) are Jon's twin cousins. They both like to play dress-up with Garfield, as well as Odie and Nermal, which all of them hate.

Physical Appearances

Both twins have orange-red hair in pigtails.

Drusilla wears red-framed glasses, a sweater with magenta, light orange and red stripes, pink leggings with yellow hearts, and navy blue shoes.

Minerva wears green-framed glasses, a pink sweater with dark orange flowers, white blouse, orange leggings, and yellow and white shoes.


Drusilla and Minerva have similar personalities. They are both playful, hyperactive, and they tend to annoy Garfield, Odie, and Nermal by dressing them up in pretty clothes and makeup.

Due to their similarities and single-mindedness, the two have a tendency to get mixed up by others and even themselves. They also sometimes get confused as to whether Jon is their cousin or their uncle. Jon likewise seems unsure, although they usually go for the former.


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