Dread Giveaway is an episode from the sixth season of Garfield and Friends.


Nermal dreams of Garfield giving him away on an infomercial.


Garfield's latest plan to mail Nermal to Abu Dhabi is foiled. Back home, Nermal and Jon are watching an infomercial. Nermal wonders why Garfield never tried giving him away like that.

Nermal starts to have a dream where Garfield is giving him away on an infomercial. Nobody seems particularly interested in the nauseatingly cute kitten. He throws in Odie, whom people are more interested. When Garfield announces that he will not give Odie away unless Nermal is taken as well, everyone goes quiet. Garfield then offers more extra offers to no avail. Nermal then becomes terrified over the fact that nobody wants him.

Nermal wakes up and Jon tells him it was just a nightmare. Then he starts to have a similar nightmare. Nermal tells Garfield about it and Garfield likes the idea that he decides to dream up something like that. He then has a nightmare that includes millions of Nermals that will be staying with him until they are given away.

Main characters

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Minor characters

  • Jon
  • Phone room volunteers

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