Double Trouble Talk is an episode from the seventh season of Garfield and Friends.


To get out of doing his chores, Roy learns the art of double talk.


Roy's CD player plays a crowing track while he sleeps. The track gets Orson and Lanolin up. The two of them are getting to their chores while Roy continues sleeping. Feeling that he is shirking his duties, they go to get him to work, much to the rooster's dismay. They pull him out of his roost and get him to do a few chores around the farm. Roy feels this to be unjust. He then has a run-in with a rooster named Gary Crowman who offers to teach Roy the art of double talk, talking in a manner with made-up words that no one can disagree with. Roy buys the CD that Gary offers to get out of his chores.

Roy turns on the CD and listens to Gary's lesson and starts to become an expert in double talk. Orson notices that Roy did not do any of the chores he was assigned and is resting in the hammock. He demands an explanation from Roy, who double talks an excuse that Orson falls for. He then does the same thing to Lanolin for not milking the cow. This gives him the perfect excuses out of his chores.

The next morning, instead of the crowing track, the next lesson in Gary's CD starts to play as Roy forgot to take the CD out of the stereo, and it catches Orson and Lanolin's ears as they repeat the phrases from the CD in their sleep. Soon, they are both starting to double talk to each other. Roy gets his double talk dictionary to find out what they are saying, and it seems to translate to "The bull is loose". Roy eventually finds out the statement is true upon seeing the bull. He asks for help from Lanolin, who double talks instructions to him. The bull charges at Roy and sends him flying. Orson does a matador act and lures the bull into its new pen. Roy apologizes for double talking and vows to do his chores from now on. His friends double talk each other for a job well done.

After the iris out, Gary returns and offers the viewers a chance to learn how to double talk as well.


Main characters

Major characters

  • Bull
  • Gary Crowman

Minor characters

  • Goat
  • Wade (mentioned)

Garfield and Friends


  • This is the last U.S Acres segment to play part of the theme song in the title card.
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