Doctors is a song Orson Pig sings, telling Wade Duck that he does not have to worry about doctors in the episode First Aid Wade. Music and lyrics were provided by Thom Huge and Jon Barnard.


Orson Pig

  • Hey Wade, where you going?
  • You don't have to be afraid.
  • Doctors will help,
  • They make it feel better,
  • They're good at giving first aid.
  • They spend all their lives trying to make you feel better,
  • They don't want to see you in pain,
  • Come on Wade, there's nothing to fear,
  • No point in going insane.
  • People go to doctors,
  • Pets go to doctors,
  • Doctors go to doctors too.
  • They don't have fangs,
  • Or big claws either,
  • They just wanna help you...
  • You...
  • If you've got a sneeze,
  • Or even bruised knees,
  • Their medicine will make you alright,
  • A doctor's your friend until the end,
  • He never hurts you, on purpose,
  • But Roy here might.
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