"Don't call me Doc Boy!" - Doc Boy grumbles to Jon as his catchphrase

Doc "Doc Boy" Arbuckle is Jon Arbuckle's younger brother, who lives on a farm with his mother and father, and often fights with Jon, calling him a "cappuccino-sipping city slicker", and worse. He hates being called "Doc Boy", although he puts up with it. According to his father, this is a result of him starting to wear long pants, which occurred the Thursday before he disclosed the fact.

Physical Appearance

Doc Boy has very little black hair and creamy white skin. He is usually seen wearing blue overalls and a plaid green shirt.


Doc Boy is just as immature as his older brother. He is shown to have a worse fashion sense than Jon and is sometimes portrayed as significantly less intelligent. Unlike his brother, Doc Boy likes mice.

Although generally ignorant of urban life, he does have one astute reason to remain on the farm: He figures that since he ultimately chose to stay on the farm while Jon moved to the city, he will inherit the farm from his father, sell the property, make a huge profit and retire while still young.

In The Garfield Show, Doc Boy has a farm of his own and is more serious and stern than he is in the strip. He does not get out much and is very dedicated to his job. He still dislikes being called, "Boy."


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  • This character is based on Jim Davis's real-life brother, David "Doc" Davis.
  • He has appeared 59 times in the comics, the 27th most.
  • Doc Boy is Jon's only known sibling and is confirmed to be his only brother. In the TV shows, Jon is shown to have several nieces and nephews, indicating that Jon and Doc Boy have other siblings outside of each other.
  • He still sleeps with a "blankie", as revealed in comic strips on November 29, 1984, and July 24, 2003.

Cultural References

  • The "boy" part of his name is likely a reference to John Boy from The Waltons.


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