Dirty Business is the season three finale of Garfield and Friends.


Jon takes Garfield and Odie to visit his cousin Berferd. They soon find out that things tend to disappear in Berferd's store.


Jon and the boys are off to visit his cousin Berferd, who runs a general store in the countryside. Berferd's business has started going down due to things suddenly disappearing, one item in particular being a watch belonging to the pappy of a man named Rufus Crabwater. Berferd insists he did not take it and it just disappeared. Rufus has been tossing mud at Berferd ever since, which Jon and the boys find out the hard way.

Garfield tries to enjoy his candy bar, only to find it missing. While he and Odie look for it, Odie finds a watch- the same one Rufus lost. He tries to tell Garfield about it while a rat swaps it out with Garfield's candy bar. This rat keeps swapping items around until Garfield and Odie find out where it has been keeping everything missing. Berferd finds all the items that have disappeared in his store and finds out it is a pack rat.

Everyone gets their stuff back and Garfield makes a deal with the pack rat. He gets back his candy bar in exchange for Odie.


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