Dirk Dinkum (voiced by Fred Tatasciore) is an Australian hunter.  He is first seen searching for the Zabadu, which puts him at odds with Lyman, who is out to protect wildlife. He is then hired by Spencer Spendington to capture a Manzian White Lion but is taken to jail in the end after learning that poaching white lions is illegal.

Physical Appearance

Dirk Dinkum is a big strong man. He has blond hair. He wears green hunter clothes, a brown hat and brown boots.


Dirk Dinkum is an evil and cruel poacher who doesn't care about anyone or anything, except money. He is cruel and abusive to everyone as well, especially Buckley. He is also not very bright, as he did not pay attention to the road and believed everything the phony map he bought said. When he fired Buckley after not listening to his ideas or warnings, he denied ever firing him and claimed that Buckley betrayed him, to which his former henchmen called him out on.


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The Garfield Show

Season 3

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  • In Australian slang, his surname, Dinkum, means true or genuine.


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