Diana is a cat that represents Garfield's sixth life in Garfield: His 9 Lives.  
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In this life, Garfield is a female fluffy white cat with green eyes named Diana. Her owner was a pianist called Sara who got Diana from her mother. When Sara got the cat, her mother decided to name Diana after the Roman Goddess.  Sara adored Diana and played many songs with Diana sitting on top of her piano. She stated that Diana could tell whenever Sara made a mistake while playing the piano, which inspired Sara to become a better pianist. When Sara left for college, she didn't know who she would miss more; her parents, or Diana. When Sara came back home from college, she wanted to stay with Diana again. But there were more people in her life other than Diana. When Sara announced that she was getting married to her boyfriend Lee, Diana stars scratching Lee's leg. Sara then says that she will move out and take Diana with her. After Sara and Lee gave birth to Billy, Diana was not happy. The day after, Diana passed away on top of Sara's piano.


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  • Garfield considers his life as Diane his luckiest as that's when he fell in love with music and his owner
  • This is the only Garfield life in which Garfield's gender is different


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