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[[Category:The Garfield Show Episodes]]

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Desperately Seeking Pooky is the 12th episode of the first season of The Garfield Show.


After leaving Pooky outside to dry, Garfield's best friend, Pooky is missing the next day by Hercules.


Jon has made a nice, tasty lasagna and Garfield takes Pooky downstairs to eat it. However, Odie causes Jon to drop the lasagna and it lands on Pooky, so Jon decides to wash Pooky and leave him out to dry, much to Garfield's dismay. That night, Hercules sneaks into the backyard and runs off with Pooky.

Garfield is upset at losing his favorite teddy bear, so Jon decides to buy him a new toy. First is a panda, but Garfield hates it. Next is a doll that looks like Nermal, so Garfield obviously rejects it. Finally, Jon shows Garfield a remote controlled teddy bear and Garfield decides to give it a try. However, the robot teddy bear isn't as soft or cuddly as Pooky. Just then, Odie arrives and shows Garfield that Hercules took Pooky and Garfield decides to find a way to get him back without the chihuahua attacking him.

Garfield disguises the teddy robot as Pooky's mother so Hercules will give Pooky back and Hercules is easily fooled. However, Hercules is also sad because he only stole Pooky because he's lonely. Garfield, in a rare moment of kindness, gives the other three dolls to Hercules and he is not lonely anymore.


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  • When Garfield says "Hello," his lips do not move.
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