• [episode begins at the cat's snooze place, while Alarm Clock ringing, Garfield punches Alarm Clock with his feet, playing Bonk sound.]
  • Garfield: (while stop taking his snooze place) (*yawn*) (sits) Well, time for my exercise... (wring out first time, stoping it.) In the next year, I'll do another one...
  • (while Nermal walking to Garfield goes to sleep, Nermal sits on it.)
  • Nermal: Hey, Garfield! (the Nermal's shout makes to Garfield jump high, while Garfield is on the lamp, swinging)
  • Garfield: Nermal! What are or else... (Lamp has broken so hard, while music slows down, in Garfield and Lamp crashes out, while he's dizzy, Nermal walking to Garfield, while lamp is broken, and the normal eyes showed up) ...You gotta see, what's consume like the after ever....
  • Nermal: (shows the full size) Are you himself, Garfield? Because I'm so cute, and you're so not! (blinks so fast first time)
  • Garfield: You're not so Cute! (while Garfield whizes out the lamp, and crashes)
  • Nermal: I'm not so cute, watch this! (Nermal running out to Garfield, while runs down to street, and Garfield walking, Nermal sits on place, while the car skids out.)
  • Woman: Oh, Jim, what it that, is you're able kid? (shows the full size of Nermal)
  • Jim: Carolyn! That is the cutest kitten, that I've never seen. (while Garfield is on, while Car runs out, shows the full size of Garfield, while he sits, Nermal running in to Garfield down to door, while Garfield walking away)
  • Nermal: (with Garfield) Well, It's time for my cutie nap...
  • Garfield: To be a cutie nap... (shows the full size of Nermal again)
  • Nermal: Nope! Cutie nap... (*yawn*) (while Garfield seeing, is Odie dragging a bone toy.)
  • Garfield: Odie. (while Odie's head spins with the bone toy) The thinking, is something to the Nermal... (bone toy fail down to the floor) ...but It's wait to
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