Cute for Loot is an episode from the fifth season of Garfield and Friends.


When Garfield discovers that people give Nermal free things for being cute, he tries to use Nermal to get free food.


Garfield creates "the perfect sandwich" in the kitchen, using numerous ingredients. As he prepares to take the first bite, Jon arrives with Nermal, causing Garfield to lose his appetite and drop the sandwich. Garfield tries to control his anger as Nermal follows him into the living room. When Nermal's talk about being cute becomes too much for him, Garfield puts him in a package addressed to Abu Dhabi. Herman Post suspects "that cute kitten" is in the package and returns it to Jon. Herman also gives Nermal a steak for free, much to Garfield's surprise.

As Nermal prepares to eat the steak, Garfield grabs it from him and eats it instead. Nermal explains that he got it for being cute, then goes outside to demonstrate his ability to a skeptical Garfield. Nermal manages to get dinner from one driver and money from another. When Garfield tries to do the same thing, he waits a long time before someone stops, and is merely given trash to throw out, as well as unflattering comments.

Garfield then tries a different tactic: bringing Nermal around the neighborhood to receive free food. Their first two stops are unsuccessful for Garfield as Nermal is taken inside, leaving the former unable to acquire any food. For the third stop, Nermal lies in a basket, with Garfield stowed away inside. The neighbor takes Nermal inside, with Garfield kicking Nermal out and taking his place.

The neighbor tells his cat, Madison, that they have a cute kitten visiting. Since Madison, like Garfield, deals with cute kittens by mailing them to Abu Dhabi, Garfield, whom Madison takes as a cute kitten, finds himself wrapped in a box and thrown into a mail truck. After arriving in Abu Dhabi, Garfield writes a letter to Nermal, noting that the worst part about his fate is that the place is full of cute kittens that others have mailed.


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