Curse of the Cat People is the twenty-fifthUS/EU episode from the first season of The Garfield Show.


Garfield and Odie get sucked into an ancient Egyptian mirror to another dimension, where Garfield is crowned as a Pharaoh by Egyptian cats.


Liz talks with Jon about her visit to Egypt with her niece Heather Wilson and gives Jon a souvenir- a mirror that is supposedly an ancient artifact. While Jon and Liz prepare dinner, Heather plays hide and seek with Garfield and Odie, although neither of them is interested. As Garfield begins to watch television, Odie licks the mirror, which causes a portal to appear. The portal takes Odie (and Garfield, who tries to rescue Odie) away.

They wind up in an alternate dimension, not unlike Ancient Egypt, where they are taken by a group of cat people to a pyramid. There, Garfield gets pampered, while Odie (who is assumed to be a jackal) is imprisoned. A priestess, Neferkitty appears and tells Garfield of their history- with cats being the dominant species until humanity took over- as well as a prophecy of an orange cat and pet jackal appearing, with the former becoming their new pharaoh and leading the other cats to freedom.

Garfield is excited as he becomes crowned pharaoh but changes his mind upon finding out that he’s expected to be locked into a sarcophagus and permanently remaining mute. He reluctantly complies, but when his constant talking annoys Neferkitty, he escapes with Odie. After hiding from the guards, they find another mirror. Garfield gets Odie to lick the mirror, which results in another portal opening. Neferkitty, upon discovering the portal, figures the prophecy was right. Just as she prepares to rule the world, Garfield tells her that cats already do that, as humans let them do whatever they want without resistance. Neferkitty requests to go to Garfield’s world to see if he’s right, with Garfield convincing her to discard her outfit “just to keep a low profile”.

After the trio arriving back at Jon’s house, Neferkitty figures that she is finally free, only to be caught by Liz, who assumes her to be a stray cat. Garfield uses the mirror to get food from the guards before breaking the mirror. Liz lets Heather keep Neferkitty as a pet, with Heather naming her Fuzzbutton.


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  • This is the first episode involving Neferkitty and the Ancient Egyptian cats.

Cultural References

  • After Garfield and Odie wind up in the alternate dimension, Garfield quips that they are no longer in Kansas, alluding to The Wizard of Oz.


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