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Create With Garfield is a 1986 educational video game developed and published by Ahead Designs. It was released for the Apple II series, Commodore 64 and IBM PC. A deluxe edition was released in 1987. A companion disk was released in 1989.


Example of a comic.

Create With Garfield is a simulation game. The player can choose a character or prop to display on the screen. The player can also choose pre-written dialogue or write their own, provided with either a thought bubble or a speech bubble. In the deluxe edition, the player has two disks and if the second disk is inserted, new character and prop sprites will appear. After the copyright screen, the player will encounter a "How to Make a Cartoon" screen. It explains that the player must select a background, select a stick on, then save. The player can save their comic onto a data disk.


  • Space or - To move the asterisk.
  • Return - Selects options.
  • Ctrl + C - Returns to the previous screen.
  • I J K M or - Move sprites.


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