Country Cousin is an episode from the fifth season of Garfield and Friends.


Jon is visited by his country cousin Roscoe, who is looking for work skills.


Jon is working on cartoons while Garfield and Odie demand dinner in the form of holding protest signs. When the doorbell rings, Jon answers the door to find his cousin Roscoe, whom he has not seen in years. Since Roscoe is looking for work, Jon lets him work around the house.

The first job that Jon gives Roscoe is to re-shingle the roof. Roscoe takes every tile up on the roof at once, which causes his weight and the weight of the tiles to collapse through the roof and land right on the chair while Garfield is watching TV.

With Roscoe wanting another chance, Jon tasks him to mow the lawn. Roscoe, who has never worked with a lawnmower before, resorts to pressing all the buttons until it starts. This causes the mower to go out of control and trim through the kitchen and the living room.

Roscoe begs for one last chance, explaining that he wants to impress his girlfriend Lulu Belle, who will not marry him unless he has proper work ethics. Garfield then gets an idea.

Jon calls up the operator and tells them to give Lulu Belle a call while Garfield puts up a sign outside. Jon shows Roscoe how to use the vacuum, with Roscoe eventually making a mess when he puts the vacuum in reverse. Lulu Belle arrives and finds that Roscoe has developed work skills, thereby agreeing to marry him.

Garfield reveals that the sign he put up claimed that Roscoe is a house wrecker. While Jon is happy that Roscoe is getting married, Garfield reminds him that they will need to get new furniture following his visit.


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