Count Slobula's Castle is the firstSG/MD, thirdPC and fourthGG level in Garfield: Caught in the Act. The level is set in a horror film. Garfield wears a cloak, his weapon is a torch and his ammunition are skulls. The boss is Count Slobula, who is Odie as a flying vampire.



  • Skeletons - Throws bones at the player.
  • Ghosts - Follows the player around.
  • Bats - Flies around with no set pattern.
  • Hands - Grabs at the player.


  • According to the game's lead programmer for the Sega Genesis, Michael Fernie, Sega's marketing wanted Count Slobula's Castle to be the first level, rather than the planned Cave Cat 3,000,000 BC [1].
  • Michael Fernie also claims that the level was considered one of the weakest by the development team.


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