Cornfinger is the second segment from the fifty-second episode of Garfield and Friends.


Orson imagines himself as Double Oh Orson to find out where the missing corn may have gotten to.


Orson is counting the corn harvest, and the others (especially Roy) are looking forward to eating some of it. Orson keeps coming out more ears shorter each time he recounts. After asking his visitors to leave him alone, Orson thinks it over by going into Ian Fleming inspired fantasy about solving this as his spy persona, Double Oh Orson.

W informs Double Oh Orson that many corn banks around the world have been robbed of their many ears, and soon the corn bank of England will be next. Double Oh Orson ensures the safety of the corn's harvest and receives a wristwatch from top scientist Funny Penny (played by Lanolin), which is really a miniaturized version of the Highly Radioactive Thermonuclear Exploding Grelbin Device .

The corn robberies were all during visits from corn broker, P. Cornfinger, with no evidence of him being the perpetrator. Double Oh Orson finds a group loading a disguised truck with creamed corn and is then ambushed by ninjas who capture him.

Double Oh Orson comes to and finds out that P. Cornfinger is actually his nemesis Pinfeather, who changed his name after the previous mission. Since there are no links to Pinfeather as Cornfinger robbing the corn banks, Double Oh Orson is unable to prove his guilt. Pinfeather sends him down a conveyor belt to be canned. Double Oh Orson manages to escape. While replling ninja attacks, he activates the miniaturized Highly Radioactive Thermonuclear Exploding Grelbin Device and tosses it under Pinfeather's limousine, where the heat from the watch causes the car to overreact and reveal that the corn was hidden inside the limousine all that time.

After the fantasy ends, Orson gets an idea on how to find the missing ears. He goes to Roy's coop and brings him a heater, with Roy trying to turn down the offer. Orson turns it on, and continious popping sounds come from his parka coat which then inflates to proportions beyond his coop's structure, leaving Roy dazed and offering some of the freshly heated popcorn to his Wade and Lanolin.


Major Characters

Minor Characters

  • Ninjas



  • The Top Secret Highly Experimental Thermonuclear Exploding Grelbin Device is now called the Highly Radioactive Thermonuclear Exploding Grelbin Device.
  • This is the second time the spy song is sung, and the last time it is sung properly.
  • This the last regular appearance of a song in the U.S. Acres part of the series until Kiddie Korner.

Cultural References

  • The episode name is a spoof of Goldfinger.

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