Commander Harland is an alien entreprenuer. He has an assistant with him who loves to eat chicken. Commander Harland and his assistant are green aliens resembling rats who wear purple outfits.

Commander Harland is the founder and owner of a popular fried chicken fast food chain called Neptunian Nuclear Chicken. However, he was upset that he cannot open many more restaurants because he doesn't have enough chickens. He designs a machine that can turn any human and animal into a chicken.

Upon using it on the city (where it works on everyone except Garfield, because he had eaten a large amount of lasagna), a giant spaceship that resembles an egg came to the city, where Commander Harland lured chickens into his spaceship using corn. Garfield follows into the ship and manages to defeat Harland. Finally Harland turned everyone back to normal by zapping them again, and Harland and his assistant never returned.


The Garfield Show

Season 2

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