Come Out is a song Orson sings when Sheldon refuses to come out of his shell in Shell Shocked Sheldon. Music and lyrics were provided by Thom Huge and Jon Barnard.


Orson Pig

  • There's nothing to be afraid of,
  • No reason to have a doubt,
  • You've been in your shell long enough,
  • Now it's time for you to come out,
  • You should see what you've been missing,
  • All the pretty flowers and trees,
  • You've been an egg-and-legs too long,
  • Come out and feel the breeze.
  • Now that you're about,
  • To come out of your shell,
  • Come out of your tiny space,
  • Come out! Come out! Whatever you are!,
  • Come out and show your face,
  • I wonder what you will look like,
  • I wonder what you will be,
  • We'll finally put a face with your name,
  • Maybe you'll look like me...
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