Clean Sweep is an episode from the third season of Garfield and Friends.


After getting fed up of Odie's resistance to taking baths, Jon buys the "Schlocko Laundro-Mutt", a machine that bathe Odie faster and in a forceful manner. Garfield gets ideas with the machine to have fun at Odie's expense.


Odie is trying to hide from something. Garfield manages to find him and Jon gets Odie to take a bath, something he hates. Jon sees an ad on TV for a product called the Schlocko Laundro-Mutt, a cleaning robot that can wash a dog no matter how filthy it gets. He orders it and tests it, and it works as advertised. Jon then leaves to get some more cleaning supplies.

Seeing how much fun he could have with this, Garfield tries to get Odie dirty as often as possible to get the Schlocko Laundro-Mutt to wash him every time. After one such ruse, Odie plots to turn the tables on him; he secretly puts the collar that is used to signal filth on the wearer on Garfield and serving him a chili dog. This causes the robot to wash Garfield in retaliation. This causes the two of them to settle it and get back at Jon for ordering the robot in the first place.

Jon returns and they put the collar on him and get him filthy, causing the robot to give the owner a wash while the pets go to play in the mud.


Main Characters

Major Characters

  • Jon
  • Schlocko Laundro-Mutt

Minor Characters


Cultural References

  • The sound effect that the Laundro-Mutt makes when it is activated is from the arcade game Centipede by Atari, Inc.

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