Catnap is the seventhUS/ninthEU episode from the first season of The Garfield Show.


When a criminal is on the loose, Garfield and Odie try to protect the house from him.


Jon has a toothache and decides to go to the dentist to get help while Garfield and Odie watch a horror movie on the television set. A breaking news report interrupts Garfield and Odie's horror movie, with the anchorman announcing a dangerous criminal named Silent Jack is on the loose. Garfield and Odie become paranoid about Silent Jack robbing their house. They lock the front door and downstairs windows, then jam a chair under the front door to be safe. Meanwhile, Jon's tooth is drilled by the dentist, causing his cheek to bulge. Jon wraps a bandage around his head to support his cheek. He forgets his keys as he leaves.

At night, Garfield and Odie are still watching the horror movie, becoming increasingly paranoid about Silent Jack. Jon realizes he forgot his keys and rings the doorbell, hoping Garfield and Odie will let him in. Garfield and Odie recall that Jon would not need to ring the doorbell, as was the case with a character in the movie. They conclude it is Silent Jack, and thus refrain from opening the door.

Unable to get in the front door, Jon heads for the back door. Garfield realizes what Jon is attempting and jams the back door shut with a chair. The pets explain the situation to Squeak as Jon pushes his hand through the pet flap. Under Squeak's instructions, Garfield stops Jon with a mousetrap. Jon then gets a ladder out of the shed to climb up to his bedroom window. In response, Garfield, Odie and Squeak get out a fan that Jon kept in a closet. They use the fan to to blow the ladder away, sending Jon crashing into the shed.

Garfield realizes "Silent Jack" will not stop until he gets inside. The cat devises a trap to stop "Silent Jack" for good. Squeak places a roller-skate in front of the door and pours grease in a path from the front door to the basement door, Odie places a chest at the foot of the basement stairs and hides behind it, and Garfield uses balloons to float a banner saying "WELCOME HOME JON" in front of the door. They open the front door; when Jon walks in, the trap ties him up in the banner and sends him down to the trunk in the basement, which Odie closes. Garfield opens the trunk to laugh at Silent Jack, and is shocked to see it was his owner all along. They go upstairs, where they discover the real Silent Jack stole everything while they were all in the basement.


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  • The light for the silhouette of Jon's head comes from seemingly nowhere.

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