Catch As Cats Can't is an episode from the seventh season of Garfield and Friends.


When a rival cat named Gunther kidnaps Ludlow and attempts to eat him, Garfield reluctantly comes to Ludlow's rescue.


One afternoon in Garfield's backyard, Garfield is attempting to catch a bird when another cat named Gunther intervenes causing the two to crash into each other as the bird flies away. Garfield tells Gunther that any bird in his backyard is his to which Gunther tells him it is a free-for-all. This results in Garfield throwing Gunther out of the yard and into an apple tree where he is buried by apples.

At the same time, Ludlow and his father arrive in Garfield's backyard. His father tells him to stay away from cats while he goes looking for food while Ludlow laments on his father being overprotective. Just then Garfield spots him and attempts to catch him but ends up hitting a garden sprinkler. Right then Ludlow sees Garfield and remembers him and reminds him of the last time they met which he considered fun. He then decides to play a game called 'Cat and Bird' where Ludlow zooms into Garfield's mouth to make it look like he is eating him. Right then Ludlow's father arrives and when he sees Garfield he mistakenly believes Garfield is devouring Ludlow and gives him a beating. Afterwards Ludlow and his father leave the yard while Garfield is left to recover from his injuries.

Sometime later, Ludlow asks his father if he can look for food and he agrees so long as he does not run into cats. Landing in Gunther's yard, Gunther immediately grabs Ludlow and runs off to eat him. Back at Jon's house, Garfield is still recovering when he sees that Gunther has captured Ludlow. Garfield initially does not care what happens to either of them since it will involve Ludlow's father. After a bit of persuasion from the viewers Garfield finally leaves the house to chase after them.

Arriving at a park, Gunter is about to eat Ludlow when Garfield dressed as a exercise trainer tells him not to eat him as he is filled with all kinds of fats. Gunther points out Ludlow's just a little bird and Garfield says that is how overeating starts. After Ludlow facades being fat, Gunther becomes worried and gives it to Garfield who tells him to do 50 push-ups and later runs. Eventually Gunther realizes that Garfield never cared about being fit and chases after them. The chase leads to a bus where Garfield manages to escape while Gunther is driven away to another city.

Once the two are in the clear, Garfield tells Ludlow a warning that he should stay away from cats. Ludlow points out that Garfield is a cat as well before his father arrives and gives Garfield a beating believing the cat is trying to eat his son. It is then that Garfield points out that the warning was for him not for Ludlow. Ludlow continues watching while asking his father when can he play with Garfield next.


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  • This is the second (and last) episode to feature Ludlow and his father.
  • At one point Garfield decides to have no recurring characters in his contract for the next season. Ironically this episode was part of the seventh and final season.

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