Castaway Cat is an episode from the fourth season of Garfield and Friends.


Garfield imagines he's stranded on a deserted island when the cable goes out.


After eating dinner, Garfield gets ready to watch TV. To his horror, the cable has gone out. He goes into complete worry about not getting to watch any of his shows. Jon gives him a book to help him do something other than watch TV while he is calling the cable company. The book in question is Robinson Crusoe.

Jon calls the cable company and the guy on the other end tells him that he is booked solid for a ridiculous and unbelievable amount of time. Jon begs him to come over and look at it, and the guy acquiesces.

Garfield begins to read the book and imagines himself in the story, getting shipwrecked on an island. Everything around the house he visualizes as something seen on said island. He runs into Odie and calls him Monday. The two of them search for food by finding a plant that is really a plate of spaghetti. When the cable guy comes, Garfield thinks he is one of the island's natives and plans to snare him into a trap. The guy walks into the trap and the reaction causes him and Jon to crash into the TV. Garfield comes to and realizes what has happened, which he blames Odie for. The cable guy refuses to fix the cable after the little incident and leaves.

The trio now resorts to watching the washing machine.


Main characters

Minor characters

  • Cable guy/Island native

Garfield and Friends
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