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===Cultural References===
===Cultural References===
*Garfield tries to be like Ricky Ricardo by using Jon's wastebasket as a bongo drum.
*Garfield tries to be like Ricky Ricardo by using Jon's wastebasket as a bongo drum.
* Technically speaking, it doesn't make sense for the employees to not know what regular money is, since credit cards have regular money in them.
[[Category:Garfield and Friends episodes, Season 4]]
[[Category:Garfield and Friends episodes, Season 4]]
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[[Category:Garfield and Friends]]

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Cash and Carry is an episode from the fourth season of Garfield and Friends.


After getting tired of getting bills from his credit cards, Jon decides to pay only with cash.


The episode begins when Herman Post is sneaking to the Arbuckle house, hoping to deliver the mail without Garfield Pranking him, then Jon opened the door, which at first scared Herman, but was relive that it was Jon who was behind the door and gave him his mail.

Jon then opened the letter and gave a huge scream, loud enough to send Herman on the roof as it was revealed that letter was a large bill from the credit card company, saying his owes $300 on uncooked spaghetti, when Garfield reveals he was the one and said that the bill for the meatballs will come soon. Jon then realizes what he must do, when he pulls out a pair of scissors Garfield thought he was going to give him a hair cut with but Jon instead cut up all of his credit cards and said from now on he will only pay with cash and nothing more. Then he discovered that his wastebasket is damaged and wondered how it happened, Garfield then said it was okay last night when he used it as a bongo drum for three hours while pretending to be Ricky Ricardo, admitting he was the one and Jon thinks this would be a great start on his cash only policy by going to the mall for a new basket, but not before letting Garfield and Odie finish their performance.

We then cut to Jon, Odie and Garfield, who are in the car as Jon decides to go to the new mall to buy a new wastebasket. After entering the mall parking lot, he tries to find a parking space but is unable to find one until he reaches Aisle K, Level-17, Blue Section. After Jon, Odie and Garfield exit the car Jon keeps repeating where he parked, even though Garfield thinks he should write it down but Jon thinks he can remember it. But when he and the others enter an elevator, two people talk letters, numbers and colors, while Jon tries to remember where he parked. 

After making it to the mall, Jon tells Odie and Garfield he's going to by a black wastebasket, while Garfield and Odie plan to get something to eat just as Jon found a store that sells wastebaskets. We then cut to vendor named Murray as he announces free samples of mac and cheese and when he sees someone, he offers a free sample, only to see that his cart is gone, then sees Garfield and Odie as Garfield is eating the mac and cheese while Odie is pushing the cart, only to have Murray grab his cart back as Garfield and Odie fly into a pillar, then Garfield told Odie that he won't be stopped from eating the free food.

Back at Wastebasket World, we see Jon at the counter as the cashier says he has purchased a deluxe black basket and told him the price is $9.47. As Jon handed her a $10 bill she asked what was that he was giving her and when he said cash then she laughed and asked for his credit card but Jon told her that he doesn't have any since he cut them up and tried to give her the money. She then told him to wait as she got to the phone and called the police, and explained that Jon wants to pay with cash instead of credit card and was told to make sure he doesn't leave the store.

Meanwhile we see Murray, announcing his free sample, we then see Odie on the edge of a overhead wall as Garfield explains that he'll use the fishing rod to lower Odie down to get the free sample, but as Odie is lowered down, Murray sees him just in time and stopped Odie from getting the free samples while trying to give one to an elderly woman. At the same time the owner of a sporting goods store sees Garfield with his fishing rod and demands that he give it back, Just as Garfield pulls Odie back and the owner grabs his fishing rod back and Garfield said it time for the Heavy Artillery. 

We then cut to Jon, who is in an interrogation room as two police officers, a thin and large one, are asking Jon the whereabouts of his credit cards and Jon kept telling him he cut them up but they don't believe it. Then Jon cried a bit as he told them all he wanted was a wastebasket. The large officer then told the thin one that the $10 bill has been returned from the lab and confirmed to be real and they tell Jon he's free to go and even give him his basket back.

As we return to Garfield and Odie, Garfield explains to Odie that he will ride on the skateboard to Murray's cart and grab the free samples but as Odie refused Garfield explains that it not dangerous, he hops on the board and showed it is simple by riding it, unknowing that he's on the second floor and rides the board down the escalator out of control, then as he hit a small step, he flew over Murray, grabbed a plate of Mac and Cheese and ate it, only to crash into the arms of a mannequin. As he is there he correctly predicts that Jon will call his name for what he did. As Murray approaches Jon, he offers to pay for what Garfield did but Murray doesn't know what cash is. Furious that his cash only policy isn't working Jon decides to quit it and to sign up for credit cards, Murray points to a desk at the mall, where Jon signs up for all the credit cards available. As he is signing the contracts he told Odie and Garfield to head home, as it might take a while to finish the contracts even giving Garfield all his money, knowing he'll never use it again. Happy to have some cash, Garfield told Odie on the way home they can get pizza for dinner.

Later that night after eating all the pizzas and watching TV, Garfield told Odie that Jon will be home soon as he remembered the car is parked in Aisle K, Level-17, Blue Section, However because he didn't write where he parked (plus the two people from the elevator) Jon is having a hard time remembering which Aisle, Level and Color Section the car is in as he is lost in the mall paring lot, ending the cartoon.

Major Characters

Minor Characters


  • This is one of the few times Garfield goes without pranking Herman.

Cultural References

  • Garfield tries to be like Ricky Ricardo by using Jon's wastebasket as a bongo drum.


  • Technically speaking, it doesn't make sense for the employees to not know what regular money is, since credit cards have regular money in them.
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