Cash and Carry is the third segment from the sixty-fourth episode of Garfield and Friends.


After getting tired of getting bills from his credit cards, Jon vows to pay only with cash.


Herman Post quietly sneaks to the Arbuckle house, where is still startled by Jon Arbuckle as the latter opens the door. Jon is given a letter, which he reads and finds that Garfield has spent three hundred dollars on uncooked spaghetti with his credit cards. Jon cuts up his credit cards, and only pay in cash. He then finds his wastebasket has been damaged, due to Garfield doing a Ricky Ricardo impression.

Jon and his pets go to a new mall to buy a new wastebasket. They park in "Aisle K, Level-17, Blue Section." Garfield tells Jon he should have written down their location, which Jon promises he will remember. A conversation between an older couple in an elevator makes him forget the information. Garfield and Odie go to find something to eat, and steal a wheeled macaroni cart, which is soon taken back by the vendor. In "Wastebasket World", Jon plans to pay with money, telling the saleswoman he cut his credit cards up. This prompts the saleswoman to phone someone to get the police.

Garfield uses Odie tied to a fishing rod to steal the macaroni from the roof. After the macaroni salesman sees Odie, the fishing rod is taken back by the fishing rod salesman. Meanwhile, Jon is being interrogated by two detectives. Jon is soon let free with the wastebasket, as the detectives get proof that the money is real. Garfield demonstrates how to use a skateboard to Odie, only for him to fall down an escalator, and lose control. He manages to steal a plate of macaroni, and Jon promises to pay the macaroni salesman for Garfield's antics. The salesman questions the money, before Jon angrily asks where the credit cards are. Jon gives Garfield and Odie the money while he signs contracts for new credit cards.

Later in the night, as Garfield and Odie watch TV and eat pizza, Jon searches for the car.


Main Characters

Major Characters

Minor Characters

  • Herman Post
  • Murray
  • Fishing Rod Man (voiced by Thom Huge)
  • Woman in Elevator (voiced by Julie Payne)
  • Old Man
  • Credit Card Woman


Cultural References

  • Garfield tries to imitate Ricky Ricardo by using Jon's wastebasket as a bongo drum.
  • When Garfield loses control of the skateboard, a remix of the overture from the operetta, "Die Fledermaus, written by Johann Strauss II, is played.

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