Canvas Back Cat is the first segment of the eighty-first episode of Garfield and Friends.


Jon runs afoul of an angry wrestler who challenges him after Garfield eats his pizza.


Garfield and Odie are watching professional wrestling where they see the ferocious Masked Mauler who wants someone to fight him in the ring and does not care who as long he holds a grudge match against someone.

Jon then asks them to go out with him. Garfield at first refuses; when he hears Jon mention pizza, he changes his mind, dragging Odie along with him. They head for Olivia's Pizza restaurant.

At that same restaurant, the Masked Mauler is talking with his manager, who says no one will wrestle with him because he does not follow the script. In a rage the Mauler bangs on the table causing his pizza to fly into the air. Garfield runs to get it and it lands in his mouth. Angry at losing his pizza and seeing that the culprit belongs to Jon, the Mauler challenges him to a wrestling match.

Jon is terrified and tries to immigrate to another country. At first, he tries to assure himself that he has nothing to fear, then does not want to fight the Mauler. When they are about to enter the house, the Mauler's manager and two tough looking men drag Jon into a limousine with Garfield and Odie right behind him.

At the arena, Jon and the Masked Mauler face off while Garfield and Odie watch from the front row. As the match begins, Jon faints and the Masked Mauler tosses him out of the ring, catapulting Garfield inside.

Garfield tries to run away from the hulking wrestler with the audience booing him for bullying a cat. As the Mauler picks Garfield up, he starts to sneeze. Garfield then realizes that the Mauler is allergic to cat hair. With the help of Odie and a hair dryer, he blows more of his fur in the Mauler's face. The Mauler sneezes so hard that his mask flies off revealing his geeky-looking face and scrawny neck.

The audience laugh themselves silly with the Mauler begging them not to laugh at him, which only makes the audience laugh harder. He runs out of the arena upset and embarrassed. In the end, Garfield is the new Professional Wrestling Champion.


Main Characters

Major Characters

Minor Characters

  • Announcer (voiced by Neil Ross)
  • Referee (voiced by Gregg Berger)
  • Mauler's Henchmen
  • Audience


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