Cactus Makes Perfect is an episode from the second season of Garfield and Friends.


Cactus Jake tells the story of how he met a cat just like Garfield.


Garfield, Jon, and Odie arrive at Cactus Jake's ranch. There, he tells them that the meal will be ready soon and they can gather around the barbecue while they wait. The barbecue is nothing more than a sand pit. Garfield tries to dig it up which Jon prevents. Jake decides to tell the story of a cat he knew that Garfield reminds him of.

In 1945, Jake was looking to make something out of himself to impress the prettiest girl in town: Annie. He had little chance with her as he was not good enough a cowboy. One night, as he was about to eat a can of beans, the cat he mentioned showed up hungry. He gave the cat his beans and the horse Red grew jealous of the feline. The cat nevertheless seemed to bring a form of help to him, despite Red's jealousy.

One day, as Jake was gonna get a shave at the barber shop, the cat started eating everything that was being sold in every shop they walked past, and Jake had to pay for it, leaving him with no money for his shave. Worst of all, Annie and the other cowboys saw it; the latter laughed at the cat. One of them was about to do something to the cat and Jake was about to do something to save it, only to slip and be ridiculed. They were about to attack him until the cat released the bulls from the pen to charge at them. Annie saved Jake's life and the two of them got married while the cat left never to be seen again.

The story comes to an end and Jake sometimes misses the cat, and sometimes wishes he could get back at him because his marriage with Annie has started to get on the rocks since Garfield (who just raided the kitchen) reminds them of that cat. Garfield then states that Jake may have been better off with Red.


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