Cactus Jake Rides Again is an episode from the second season of Garfield and Friends.


Jon, Odie, and Garfield invite Cactus Jake to reside at their home temporarily during a rodeo championship, an experience they find unpleasant.


Garfield, Jon, and Odie are watching the regional rodeo championship as they observe the top rider Billy Bob Bo Benson riding like a pro. Billy Bob states that he will win final challenge tomorrow by riding the wildest horse known to man: Certain Death. Jon recognizes the name as the horse from the one from Polecat Flats and looks to see if it is the same one. It turns out he is right as Cactus Jake is there. Suddenly, Jake invites himself to stay with Jon.

All of Jake's belongings move into the house and his animals into the backyard. Jake states he needed to bring everything he could for his visit or Certain Death would be homesick. He even makes some really spicy chili that not even Garfield could eat. Garfield instead heats up some lasagna that he surrenders to Certain Death upon seeing the wild horse. Jake sings with Odie, stating that he will leave tomorrow once he gets the extra money, should Billy Bob fail to ride Certain Death.

The next day, Jake wakes up late in the morning. He rushes to get ready for the rodeo. Certain Death is sleeping due to the lasagna Garfield gave him. At the fairgrounds, Certain Death still has not woken up and if he does not, Jake may need to move in with the Arbuckles. Garfield dons his Shorty persona and fills Certain Death's feedbag with some of the chili. This causes Certain Death to wake up and buck Billy Bob out of the rodeo in a short amount of time.

His ranch saved, Jake and Certain Death leave and Garfield gets a new idea. Now, he is eating his meals with a feedbag like a horse.


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  • Despite Garfield's statement, Cactus Jake would appear again for a few more episodes.

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