Cactus Jake is the foreman of the Polecat Flats ranch, and a friend of Jon Arbuckle.


Jake has a habit of saying Jon and Garfield's names wrong, usually calling Jon "Johnny Boy" and the latter "Garfunkel" or "Gargamel".

Every time Garfield wears a cowboy outfit, Jake always believes that he is a real cowboy named "Shorty" (Jon would always recognize "Shorty" as Garfield, however).

He is married to Miss Annie and has three sons named "Cactus" Joe, Jimmy and Josh and a daughter named "Cactus" Jackie. Jake and his sons appear to be somewhat protective of Jackie, as when Jake set Jon up with Jackie, Jake and his sons insisted on "chaperoning," and one of Jake's sons admitted that they are quite "particular" about who Jackie dates.


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