Cabin Fever is the first segment from the eighth episode of Garfield and Friends.


Jon, Garfield and Odie take a trip to a cabin in the mountains, only to get snowed in while Jon is out to get groceries.


On a winter day, Jon drives Garfield and Odie to a cabin in the mountains for a vacation. Although Jon and Odie are excited, Garfield is not thrilled due to the cold. At one point, Garfield asks Odie why he is not waving his tongue out the window, since he loves it under ordinary circumstances. When Odie refuses, Garfield tries it and gets covered in snow.

Once at the cabin, Garfield finds there is no food, prompting Jon to go to the market down the hill. After picking up a large amount of groceries, the cashier says he understands due to the approaching blizzard. Hearing about the blizzard, Jon races out of the market to hurry back, initially forgetting to pay for the groceries. Back at the cabin, Garfield is playing checkers with himself when Odie notifies him about the blizzard. Fearing they might get snowed in, Garfield rushes to the door and opens it. He finds the doorway filled with snow, which covers him.

Meanwhile, on the road, Jon finds that all the roads have been closed due to the blizzard. He resorts to walking back to the cabin. At the cabin, Garfield is getting hungry since he has not eaten in nearly an hour. Odie is trying to get one of the doors open, with Garfield trying to dissuade him from doing so. In the kitchen, he finds a cracker, which is soon devoured by a mouse. He then tries in vain not to think about food.

While Jon continues walking on foot, Garfield goes through a cookbook, eating pictures of food. Believing he is going to starve in the cabin, Garfield proceeds to write a will, which he soon aborts. By then, Odie is still at the door. Annoyed, Garfield finally opens it. Odie heads to a nearby Luigi's Drive Through Lasagna Palace, which he had been trying to notify Garfield about. A euphoric Garfield races to the restaurant, only to discover that it is about to close.

Garfield and Odie return to the cabin, the former depressed about his apparent fate. Jon, already back, is preparing dinner. Garfield continues to feel miserable until his late realization about Jon's presence. The cat is happy to see him until he hears that dinner is Southern Fried pig's liver with chocolate sauce. He goes back to the cookbook and eats more pictures of food, declaring that he is not that hungry.


Main Characters

Minor Characters

  • "Small Market" Cashier (voiced by Gregg Berger)
  • Ranger (voiced by Gregg Berger)
  • "Luigi's Drive Thru Lasagna Palace" Employee (voiced by Thom Huge)



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