Buckley (voiced by Gregg Berger) is the former assistant of Dirk Dinkum.

Physical Appearance

Buckley is a short man. He has dark brown hair and wears explorer clothes.


Buckley is smart and sneaky and would do anything for Dinkum. Dirk and Buckley respected each other when they went after the Zabadu. However, his loyalty and respect completely vanished when Dinkum fired Buckley when he wouldn't listen to him and unfairly blamed him for their problems. He was arrested with Spencer Spendington and Dinkum when they were caught stealing Manzian White Lions from their habitat, which is illegal.


Long Lost Lyman

Long Lost Lyman Part 2

More to Come.

Long Lost Lyman Part 3

More to Come.

Long Lost Lyman Part 4

More to Come.

Lion Queen

Lion Queen: Zoo Melody

More to Come.

Lion Queen: Welcome to Africa

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Lion Queen: Life Outside

More to Come.

Lion Queen: Open the Cages

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Home Sweet Home

After Jon, Garfield and Odie fail to leave the house in Doc Whipple's game show, Whipple decides to bring Buckley and a few others into Arbuckle's house.


The Garfield Show

Season 3

Season 4


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