Break a Leg is the third segment from the forty-second episode of Garfield and Friends.


While vacationing at a ski lodge, Jon attempts to go skiing in order to impress a woman.


Jon Arbuckle and his pets are going up to a ski lodge in the mountains. After Garfield tells him he is going to break his leg, Jon reveals that he is not going skiing. Instead, he intends to hang out in the ski lodge and flirt with all the women there. One woman he flirts with is interested in any man except for cartoonists. Meanwhile, a chef has put a cake on the buffet table. Garfield manages to trick him into falling into his own cake after skiing on it, and before eating a piece.

One woman Jon is flirting with reveals that she is only interested in skiing men. She asks Jon if he skis, before the ski lodge manager tells the guests that the ski lift is broken and skiing is temporarily canceled. Jon, realizing he will not have to ski, lies to the woman, saying that he is a skiing pro. As Odie begins to get a cold, Garfield encounters the chef. He manages to elude the chef by making him slip on frozen water. The chef crashes into the ski lift's generator and manages to fix it. After Jon brags about his skiing performances, the manager announces that the lift is fixed, much to Jon's horror.

As they ride on the ski lift, Garfield assures Jon that he will break his leg, and even requests him to sign his will. Jon picks Garfield up and changes his mind about skiing. Due to Odie's cold, he sneezes and bumps Jon and Garfield, forcing them down the mountain. The two manage to avoid all obstacles before going through a cabin, where Garfield takes the cabin owner's sandwich. From the cabin, Odie takes the cabin owner's mattress to try and save the two. As Jon assumes he is getting the hang of skiing, he and Garfield fly off a ramp before being saved by the mattress Odie took. The woman reveals it was the best skiing she has seen and Jon goes with it. Just then, the owner of the cabin accuses Jon of flirting with the woman who happens to be his daughter, stealing his mattress, and his sandwich. He chases Arbuckle through a field before Jon slips on a frozen lake and crashes.

In the hospital, Jon is in intensive care while Garfield comes by using Odie as a dog sled and tells him, "I told you so."


Main characters

Major characters

Minor characters

  • Ski Lodge Manager (voiced by Gregg Berger)
  • Skiing Woman's Father (voiced by Gregg Berger)
  • Chef
  • Ski Lift Maintenance

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