Brainwave Broadcast is an episode from the seventh season of Garfield and Friends


Garfield demonstrates a thought translating microphone, which enables him to discover a criminal plot.


Garfield receives a letter from a fan asking how the viewers can hear his thoughts. Garfield explains that it works via a microphone called "The Telepathic Visonator", which can amplify the thoughts of the animals. Garfield tries it on a squirrel, a bird and Odie. He then sets the microphone to pick up the thoughts of humans.

First, Garfield picks up the thoughts of Jon's date, who he is serenading on a boat ride in the pond. The woman claims to be enjoying the date and Jon's company, when she is instead annoyed by everything Jon is doing.

Garfield then picks up the thoughts of a man who is planning on robbing the bank. Garfield initially ignores the threat, then turns to the viewers, who convince him to intervene. Garfield tries to tell a nearby officer of the robbery. Since Garfield is unable to talk, he ends up improvising.

Garfield follows the cop to a nearby donut shop, where he uses the donuts to communicate with the officer. While the officer is being served, Garfield uses the microphone to pick up the thoughts of the waitress and the cop. The officer reads the donuts and it says that the bank is going to be robbed. The officer runs out of the store and goes to the bank to stop the robbery, which has not yet taken place.

Realizing there is no robbery occurring, the officer then chases Garfield to arrest him, only to run into the burglar. Garfield becomes upset that the cop takes all the credit. He uses the microphone to broadcast the officer's thoughts to let everyone know that Garfield is the true hero.


Main Characters

Minor Characters

  • Odie
  • Jon Arbuckle
  • Old Man
  • Squirrel (voiced by Greg Burson)
  • Bird (voiced by Greg Burson)
  • Marian (voiced by Susan Silo)
  • Kids (voiced by Greg Burson and Susan Silo)
  • Alice (voiced by Susan Silo)
  • Bank Teller (voiced by Thom Huge)
  • Police Chief (voiced by Gregg Berger)
  • Reporter (voiced by Susan Silo)

Garfield and Friends
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