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Brain Boy is an episode from the second season of Garfield and Friends.


Garfield, Jon and Odie visit Jon's cousin Al and his devious son Roscoe.


Jon, Garfield, and Odie are on the road to see Jon's cousin Al. Jon comments that during long trips, Odie would often put his head out of the window and wave his tongue out, which would annoy Garfield. Jon is surprised that both are well behaved this time; he is unaware that Garfield has tied up Odie in his seatbelt.

The three arrive at Al's house, where they meet him and his son Roscoe. While Jon reluctantly follows Al into the house to see his vacation slides, Roscoe brings Garfield and Odie into the garage to see his lab. At first, Roscoe appears to be a smart and creative kid as he shows his inventions to the two, such as his personal robot and a working rocket ship. He eventually turns out to be cruel, malicious and bratty as he subjects Garfield to his inventions, each ending in disaster. Garfield is then blamed for the incidents despite being the victim. Eventually Jon tells Garfield that if he does not play nice with Roscoe, he will take him home, much to Garfield's delight.

When the trio is ready to leave, Jon forces Garfield to "apologize" to Roscoe. Garfield then sneaks into the lab, grabs the remote for Roscoe's robot and activates the robot. Thinking his dad is around, Roscoe tries to blame Garfield again, only to find his robot about to grab him. Garfield then steals most of Roscoe's candy and leaves with Jon and Odie.

While driving back home, Jon states compliments about Roscoe while Garfield eats Roscoe's candy. Back at the house, Roscoe cries and calls his dad for help as his robot makes him perform ballet.


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  • In one scene, Odie's ears are yellow.

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