Box O' Fun is the first segment from the second episode of Garfield and Friends.


When Jon brings home a cardboard box, Garfield uses it for imaginary adventures.


Jon Arbuckle arrives home with a box full of books he plans to study. He tells Garfield that he needs quiet because he's learning another language, and leaves.

Garfield jumps into a cardboard box that Jon left behind. He imagines himself as Enzio Bodoni, who is racing in the "World Champion Time Trials". Enzio gets past all of the other racers, before making a pit stop at Vince's Burgers. Enzio's box goes out of control as Number 34 pulls up beside him. Before the race can finish, Jon comes in, and recalls that he left a book behind.

After Jon leaves again, Garfield imagines himself as a Lasagna One pilot. He manages to shoot down enemies using his fingers before the box runs out of gas. Before Garfield can crash, he is, again, interrupted by Jon, who opens the door for Odie. Jon tells Garfield that he doesn't want any more interruptions before leaving. Odie continuously begins jumping in the box, which Garfield tries to disallow, but soon gives in.

Garfield imagines that they are both lost in a lifeboat. Odie fails to see the fantasy, as Garfield begins seeing food all over. He then prepares to eat Odie, after seeing the dog as a club sandwich. The fantasy ends when the box falls off the table, due to Odie licking Garfield. Jon angrily puts his pets outside, before finding the cardboard box. Arbuckle begins his fantasy as "Sir Jon of Camelot", while Garfield and Odie start their fantasy in a trashcan, imagining that they are in a rocket.


Main Characters

Major Characters

Minor Characters

  • Racers
  • "Vince's Burgers" Employee
  • Crowd
  • Herman Post
  • Enemy Pilots
  • Space Shuttle Commentator (voiced by Gregg Berger)


Cultural References

  • Jon's "Sir Jon of Camelot" act is a take on Arthurian legend; referencing the Black Knight, Camelot, King Arthur, and the Round Table.
  • Jon mentions that he is fighting "for the honor of Queen Beatrice and King Arthur", alluding to actress Beatrice Arthur.

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