Bouncing Baby Blues is an episode from the fourth season of Garfield and Friends.


Garfield and Odie bring Jon a baby from the supermarket.


Garfield and Odie are at the supermarket. Although Jon told them only to get milk, Garfield adds more items to the list. Meanwhile, a lady and her baby are coming out of the market and the lady realizes she forgot the eggs. She leaves her cart and goes back in to get some. The baby climbs into Garfield and Odie's shopping cart without them knowing.

When they get home, they unload the groceries and find the baby inside. Jon finds out about this after a delayed reaction. Jon calls the market and lets the owner and the baby's mom know that the baby's there and the mom will be there in 15 minutes. While they wait, Jon wraps the baby up in the laundry and warns Garfield that if anything happens to it, he will take away his chocolate cake privileges for a year.

While the pets get a snack, the baby crawls out the pet door. Garfield finds out the baby's gone and gets a reluctant Odie to pose as a baby until he finds the real one. He looks all over town for the baby such as in trash cans, by a hot dog cart, and in a tree inhabited by a squirrel (completely unaware that the baby crawled back into the house the moment he went out looking for it). He finds what he assumes is the baby, which turns out to be a different one that looks similar.

Meanwhile, the baby's mom comes by to pick him up and Odie pretends to be it for a little longer. When Jon presents him to her, she thinks there is something wrong and tells a cop about what is going on. Garfield returns and finds the baby sleeping in his bed; he then brings the little guy out and his mom gets him back and apologizes to Jon for what had happened. Odie tells Garfield to change his diaper, with the cat refusing.


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