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Bone Diggers is the fifthUS/twenty-firstEU episode from the first season of The Garfield Show.


After Odie dug up a real dinosaur bone from the backyard, Garfield takes it to the dinosaur museum to obtain a prize.


At the Arbuckle residence, Jon is leaving the house, and tells Garfield not to eat all the ribs in the fridge. Garfield immediately disobeys, and begins to devour the ribs. Odie appears looking for a rib, and Garfield gives him a bone to chew. While outside, The next door neighbour dog, Hercules spots Odie's rib bone. He tricks Odie and steals the bone. Odie sees his bone gone, and goes to ask Garfield for another. The cat refuses and tells Odie that if he wants another bone, he should go dig up an old one.

Odie goes back and digs up a massive bone, much bigger than himself. He returns to Garfield who realises the it's a dinosaur bone worth a lot of money. On Jon's computer, they check a video on the local museum's website and the owner, Esmeralda Brubaker, proclaims the importance of the bones and shows a tyrannosaurus skeleton valued at half a million dollars. Garfield is excited and decides to show Brubaker the bone. He orders Odie continue digging up the skeleton and departs. Just when Garfield leaves, Odie hears the video explain that they will tear down structures in their way.

Garfield drags the bone down to the museum and sneaks past the entrance guard, Beasley. After examining an apatosaurus skeleton, he mistakenly knocks the entire skeleton down. Another security guard, Myron, confronts Garfield and orders him to put down the bone he brought in, assuming it's from the exhibit. Garfield runs away with the bone and hides in the tyrannosaurus exhibit. When Myron enters, Garfield knocks the tyrannosaurus skeleton down onto the guard. Myron calls Beasley, who appears to Garfield.

As Beasely recognises Garfield, Brubaker appears and doesn't recognise the bone. She examines and finds it's from a brachiosaurus. She reveals the excavation process, and Garfield determined to stop it, returns home to tell Odie to put the bones back. He finds Odie has dug up the entire skeleton and laments refusing Odie another rib bone. Odie reveals Hercules stole his rib bone and Garfield gets an idea: He tells Hercules about the brachiosaurus, and aware of Hercules' greed, pretends to leave. As Brubaker arrives to begin the process, Garfield shows her the bones in Hercules' yard. Brubaker decides to excavate next door, and Garfield and Odie decide to celebrate by getting more ribs.


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