Bo Sheep is one of the main characters in the U.S. Acres strip.

Physical Appearance

Bo is a fluffy, white sheep with visible ears.


Bo's personality in the strip and in the cartoons are vastly different from each other.

In the comics, he was depicted as being highly unintelligent and somewhat of an optimist.

In Garfield and Friends, he was portrayed as a surfer-dude and shown as particularly bright and always cool, collected, and dependable.

He doesn't often agree with his sister Lanolin, because she's always mean to him and sometimes finds it difficult to get along with her, but they usually make up in the end.


Garfield and Friends

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  • In the cartoon, out the three main adult male characters, Orson gets along with Bo the most. Unlike Roy and Wade, Bo doesn't end up ticking off, frustrating or annoying Orson.
  • In the comic strip, Bo appeared after Booker and Sheldon hatched (partly for Sheldon). In the cartoon, he was around before the two chicks came around.
  • Due to his personality being different from the comics, Bo often uses surfer slang such as "Like", "Sis", and "Man" in Garfield and Friends.
  • He is the last main character to be introduced into the comic.


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