• Low Spark of Lyman


    April 25, 2019 by Low Spark of Lyman

    I am planning to have an FAQ for this website, one that pertains to the Garfield Franchise. I'll start it as a blog so others can make suggestions in the comments. Also, expect it to be updated fairly often.

    Q: What is Nermal's gender?

    A: Nermal is male. He has always been so according to Jim Davis.

    Many have assumed that Nermal is female due to his appearance and obsession with being cute, as well as the sound of his voice in Garfield and Friends (which was provided by a woman, Desiree Goyette). Nevertheless, Nermal is always referred to with masculine nouns and pronouns, and has been voiced by men in later features (David Eigenberg in the 2004 movie, Jason Marsden in the DTV movies and The Garfield Show).

    Q: What is the name of Garfield's mothe…

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  • Vendellium

    What's Been Going On

    April 2, 2019 by Vendellium

    Hello Garfield Wiki (specifically the admins here). I would like to address some of the recent vandalism, which naturally, you might suppose is me - Edwin Shade.

    While I am unable to offer explicit proof this is not me, I will show you all two things.

    One, here’s a list of [almost] all my accounts on the Googology Wikia, and two, here’s a now-deleted blog post where I publicly announced the password to all accounts made prior a certain date is “bowers314” in the title. This post is also visible in the deletion history of the googology wiki, so yes, someone could find it if they were searching for it.

    From this, it stands to reason that anyone possessing both this list and knowledge of this omni-password could use my old accounts and pretend to…

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  • Scrooge200

    I really like the meta jokes in Garfield and Friends, so I'm making a list of them.

    • "The Worm Turns": The viewer is constantly referenced as Orson's friend.

    • "Orson Goes On Vacation": Wade reads the title card.
    • "Moo Cow Mutt":
      • Garfield says "Kids, don't try this at home. I'm a professional."
      • After Jon says that Garfield has learned his lesson, Garfield denies this, responding that the show isn't educational.
      • Garfield asks the viewers if they think he was really fooled.
      • Garfield breaks into the U.S. Acres Quickie to continue insisting that he wasn't fooled.
    • "Big Bad Buddy Bird":
      • Roy quits the "cartoon show."
      • Orson refers to Roy as a "cartoon character" that "get[s] hit with pies."
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  • Jofiolo

    hello garfield fans, here on this blog, i will share images i have found over the internet depicting a wonderful photo of the beloved Garfield.

    i hope u enjoy

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  • "king" kingofpronoobs

    You all know what that means!

    Garfield is about to celebrateh is 40th christmas (that's more than me)!

    Keeping an eye on the calendar!

    Starting this Garfield franchise- it's a truly amazing one!

    Keeping Garfield alive after Jim Davis stopped drawing the comics.

    Existing. Duh. He's amazing.

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  • "king" kingofpronoobs

    In this first comic, it has the title + 7panel comic, with the first non-title panel being the mainest of main characters in the photo.

    In the next sunday comic after that, It's a nine panel, and the first is the title panel. This has only been done in 2 comics, this and the sunday after that.

    And in the next sunday it has the title + 7panel comic, with the first non-title panel being not the mainest of main characters in the photo as usual, but an actual contribution to the comic.

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  • "king" kingofpronoobs

    this post is dead

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  • TeeJay87

    Garfield Games

    October 30, 2018 by TeeJay87

    Recently, I got an email from PAWS Inc. about Halloween concerning Garfield: . Upon opening the link, there is a section at the bottom, directed here: , where they are offering new board games with Garfield.

    The "Catstagram" game reminds me of "UNO", just with photographs of real cats mixed with Garfield. Personally, I expected characters from the Garfield universe to appear, but the picked selection appears good enough. Another game offered in the link is called "Garfield's Pizza Pie and Hairballs Game" - it doesn't resemble any of the games I've seen before and does maintain Garfield's love for food.

    The last game from PAWS is…

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  • Raul Casas Zavala


    October 26, 2018 by Raul Casas Zavala

    Stewardess (voiced by Julie Payne) is an airline stewardess woman who appears in "Garfield in Paradise" special.

    She has blond hair, two protruding teeth and a dark blue stewardess suit.

    The stewardess welcomes Jon and Garfield (disguised as a boy) aboard the plane that goes to Hawaii and tells Jon what class of area of the plane is heading. And when Jon says he goes to the third class, but she does not listen well. Until Jon answers for the third time with a very loud voice, she gets jealous and gives the indication of the third class in a very bad way for Jon.

    " Garfield in Paradise "

    Categories: Female Characters, Minor Characters

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  • PicholasStripes2000

    Hiya folks. So as you probably already know, I still want to number every single Garfield comic strip on this wikia. However, I should also say that there are three things that I wish to mention.

    First, of all, I also want to number all the U.S. Acres comics.

    Second, whenever someone finishes a page or erroneously posts a comic image that requires serious maintenance, then my passion for numbering only increases from there.

    Third and finally, I just had a brilliant idea of how the strips could be numbered! Here's the example below:

    Strip 1 - June 19, 1978: (The first Garfield comic strip, featuring Garfield and Jon Arbuckle.)

    Yeah, I know my method is a little flawed, but it's just an example! Also, I thought maybe it could link to the official G…

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  • Jayfeather1000


    October 13, 2018 by Jayfeather1000

    I see that some users have the badge lucky edit and it says that the user made there 78000th edit or something like that but they have way less then that. Why is this?

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  • Jayfeather1000

    My 100th edit!!!

    October 10, 2018 by Jayfeather1000

    I just reached 100 edits and I hope to help out the wiki even more.

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  • Jayfeather1000


    October 5, 2018 by Jayfeather1000

    When I try to find something to edit, I can't really find anything.     Do you know anything that can help me?

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  • Jayfeather1000

    My thought of a nickname for me is Jay,  but I would appreciate it if you could give me some other suggestions for a nickname. I might use it!

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  • Jayfeather1000


    October 5, 2018 by Jayfeather1000

    When I went to my profile, it says  I have 9 edits but when I go to my message wall it says I have 7 edits. And when I go to my blogs,

    It said I have 10 edits.

    Do you guys see the same thing happening?

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  • Jayfeather1000

    These are my five favorite characters. (They aren't in order)

    1. Irma

    2. Garfield

    3. Kimmy  (one of Jon's dates)

    4. Squeak

    5. Wheezer

    Who are your favorite characters?

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  • Jayfeather1000

    What happened?

    October 4, 2018 by Jayfeather1000

    There was a section called candidates for deletion but one day it was not there. I searched and searched but it was gone,

    Do you know why it's not there?

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  • TeeJay87

    Revelation I feel

    September 22, 2018 by TeeJay87

    During a recent chat with a couple of my pen mates, I was presented with a video clip from a cartoon called "Heavy Metal", where a member of the court personnel (a judge or public prosecutor) had grown angry toward the plaintiff. He had morphed into a Hulk-like behemoth, obsessed with bringing the appropriate justice to the plaintiff with the help of brutal force. The entire issue inspired me to write this blog entry.

    I am not afraid to admit that human stupidity causes me exasperation, leading those who are “Contemptible, socially inept individuals, with double standards and no moral spine” to infuriate me. Due to my common decency, I will not point out their names, but instead, I suggest we call them Doubtfully Reasonable People” or DRPs. T…

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  • Rid349

    1 YEAR!

    September 16, 2018 by Rid349


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  • Huagium47


    September 15, 2018 by Huagium47

    which garfield comic strip was published the day you were born? mine is from december 31, 2003

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  • Cooljoe01

    I've noticed that some people have been encountering the website "Professor Garfield" after trying to reach the original website I looked into the problem, and found that it had something to do with the pop-up at the beginning:

    As we know, selecting the "dog" option presents an "Access Denied" message (of course, you can just go back and try again). But as I've seen, selecting the "kid" option redirects the user to the Professor Garfield website. You can still read the comic strip on Professor Garfield, but with a catch: you can only read the latest strip.

    If you'd like to be redirected to the original website with all the original comics and such, I'm here to help. What you need to do is delete the website's cache. If you are …

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  • FGN Crew Fan

    For some reason, the Garfield website will never show that one Garfield comic from 2002. It doesn't work on any devices I tried. Though it's still works via other sites. But on, it "died". 

    EDIT 9/13/2018: The comic has now been fixed, so hooray, I guess

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  • FGN Crew Fan
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  • FGN Crew Fan

    I saw another user do this, so I figured I'd do the same. These are in no particular order by the way. enjoy. P.S., I will edit this page at different times.

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  • FGN Crew Fan

    Got bored with having no profile picture, so starting on June 26, 2018, I added a picture to it to make my account a little more recognizable. That's all. coda.

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  • MGMFan1995

    Throughout the Garfield Franchise, the characters and settings are connected by continuity. The continuity is the same in all the Garfield series for consistency throughout them. I would like to add Continuity sections to the pages for Garfield and Friends, The Garfield Show, the Garfield Comic Strip, and for the TV specials and movies. Continuity is important because without it there would be nothing connecting all of these entities, and it’s an important piece of information to include because some things in the official canon for the franchise have more complicated explanations for continuity. I am requesting that the administrators approve this idea, thank you.

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  • FGN Crew Fan

    Well guys, it's offical! Garfield is now officially 40 years old. I waited all night for it to hit midnight, and it's currently 12:05 A.M. EDT as of typing this. So yes! I can now say...


    Hopefully Mr. Davis will be around for the next 10 years, so we can have a huge 50th birthday party celebration.  That would be really remarkable. Anyways, I'm going to read comics & watch the movies, shows, and TV specials all day in celebration. Happy birthday Garfield! It's been 40 years (even though I was a huge fan of you since the year 2000). But regardless , Happy Birthday Garfield! 🎂🎁🎂🎂🎂🎂🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎀🎀🍭🍭🍭🍦🍦🍦🍧🍧🍧

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  • Low Spark of Lyman

    Happy 40th

    June 19, 2018 by Low Spark of Lyman

    What the title says.

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  • Gnmkool

    Luckily, he was born in 24 years before 1978, 1954, he looked different in 78. Later that same year in 1979, he was still same, 82 was the year for surgery and 88 the grand opening, while 2009 is the CGI Surgery.

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  • FGN Crew Fan

    So today, I decided to go on on my phone, because why not. But when I get there, it redirects me to the professor Garfield home page. At first, I thought I either typed in the address wrong or accidentaly typed up the professor Garfield address. So I decided to type it again, but It still didn't work. So I kept trying a few more times and did the same thing. So I went on my computer instead, and... Vòlia. It works. So then I went back on my phone to see if it worked, but it was still redirecting me to Professor Garfield. I thought this was really mysterious, & maybe some other people is having this issue too. Or it is just me. Anyways, that's all I have to say, have a nice day. Fin. Also, Happy National Donut Day 

    UPDATE 6/5/18…

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  • Vendellium

    Hello everyone, today I'd like to share some well...interesting...discoveries made after being made privy to the log-in information of Acosta's Google Plus account. There is just as you'd expect, and perhaps a bit more than you'd expect. All in all, this is interesting and may lend you a deeper look into the life and mind of the user we've come to know as "Jesusacosta3050".

    First of all, I know most if not all of you are familiar with his high school graduation photo, but have you ever seen these of him?

    It's most likely confirmed. "Katu Catherine" is very certainly a Ghana scammer. The proof is that Acosta's bank transactions to this "Katu" are going towards a man by the name of "James Kwasi/Baah", and these are in the payment reception co…

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  • MGMFan1995

    Hello, Tim suggested that I write a blog post about what I would like to do with this wiki's articles.

    I would like to add plot descriptions to episodes of Garfield and Friends that do not have them.

    I would like to add acceptable categories to pages that do not have them.

    That is all, for now, thank you for reading.

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  • FGN Crew Fan

    Hey there. So I noticed that I found a comic with two varations. One of them has the sky like an average sky, and another one has the sky being yellow. Not a big deal, just something I noticed. But that is all. Goodbye.

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  • Vendellium

    Perhaps "Bobby" and "Acosta" are not as incompetent as you believe. Now, since we are confronted with so many stupid people on the internet, it is very tempting to assume that behind these individuals lies an immature and unintelligent person who will never make any progress - and the immature part is right.

    But does it honestly seem reasonable to conclude a 35-year old man has wasted months of his life making multiple accounts just to vandalize a wiki about a cartoon cat? - Strange, isn't it? So strange in fact, that you all should have known it was an act just by the sheer absurdity of it all.

    Now, this blog post will come as a surprise to the majority of you, and especially to the main person involved, but I will share who is responsible for …

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  • AgentKolak22

    Peace Treaty

    May 1, 2018 by AgentKolak22

    here is my revised peace treaty for peace with garfield wiki

    tim kearns,luke s.,josh lima and tom dudek agree to following conditions
    let jesus acosta back on garfield wiki and on chatroom for one final chance to prove nice sweet changed ways of turning into a new leaf with kind behavior

    i jesus acosta agree to following conditions
    remove tim kearns exposed website and twitter account for permantley
    never be mean and nasty to garfield wiki users again
    never harass tim kearns,luke s.,josh lima,tom dudek with pestering demands
    never say nasty things about autism to tim kearns
    never ask for too many requests
    never be too repetitive with image requests
    never make racist comments
    never reveal personal information about tim kearns
    never ask random question…

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  • FGN Crew Fan

    My first blog

    April 26, 2018 by FGN Crew Fan

    Hello. This is my first blog. Garfield is my favorite comic strip and my favorite YouTuber is BereghostGames (I know that's off topic, but whatever). I'll make some blogs every once in a while if something major happens. So yeah, that's all. Goodbye.

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  • TheCartoonCritic


    April 9, 2018 by TheCartoonCritic

    Hello Garfield Wiki! My name is William, and I've been a huge fan of Garfield ever since I saw my first episode of Garfield and Friends at age 7. I do, however, have zero tolerance for mediocrity, which the Garfield franchise has seen too much of in recent years. Still, I finally decided to join the fray here, and I plan to make a blog to give my opinions on cartoons, hence the username. I'm excited to contribute here, and contribute my knowledge of the fat cat!  But I need to know what to do first, ya know? Any suggestions? :)

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  • TeeJay87

    Reheated Pork

    March 29, 2018 by TeeJay87

    Originally I was not planning to write this blog entry, but since other people see the issue, this might be good material for a discussion.

    While browsing the Internet today, I found this monument of copyrights despisal . As much as I disapprove claiming official PAWS Inc. material as own property, 'the author of this picture' indeed has a point, that Garfield comics strips have started to repeat themselves. I have witnessed this issue after reading the recent Arlene's appearance:

    Now, compare the comics strip above with this one from 5th May 1989:

    At first glance it should be visible, that those two comics strips look almost identical to each other. Agreed, the characters in 2…

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  • Low Spark of Lyman

    Facebook Page

    March 14, 2018 by Low Spark of Lyman

    The Garfield Wiki now has its own page on Facebook:

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  • TeeJay87

    For those of you who have read the Garfield comic strips regularly, may possibly remember strips from mid 1990s. In two, Jon Arbuckle attempted to build scale models. They are listed below:

     - Possibly an aircraft, due to certain details.

     - Surprisingly, the ship turned out well crafted, even after its unusual method.

    Personally, I have also been into scale modelling since my youth. I started my hobby at junior high school, when I first saw photos of US Army vehicles from World War Two. They had various names painted on their side armour, which reminded me of “Looney Tunes” characters such as ‘Bugs Bunny’ or ‘Porky Pig’. One of the Sherman tank’s names happened to be called ‘Speedy’, which provided me with the idea to use the ‘Garfield’ cha…

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  • Muchacha

    Okay, so I had this crazy idea one night a few months ago about the possibility of getting degrees in direction and animation in order to help fulfill a budding fantasy of a new half-hour, 2D animated Garfield special.

    Now, the plot is that one morning in February, Garfield has to go to the vet, and Jon asks Liz to accompany him on a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner at a fancy Italian restaurant. Expecting Liz to reject this offer, and maybe file a restraining order against him, Garfield is shocked when Liz happily agrees to the date. Immediately, Garfield starts making plans to stowaway in Jon’s trunk, only for Jon and Liz to get into a hilariously petty argument over I don’t know, which pasta shape is better or something else stupid, culmina…

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  • Rid349

    Hi there. This is my first blog & today, I will show you my favorite Garfield comics, in no particular order. So let's begin right now.



                ' '                                        '                                     ' ' ' ' '                    

    Fun Fact: This was originally going to be the last Garfield strip ever made when it cancelled in the mid 1980s. It was when Garfield eats & eats & eats until there was nothing left in the universe. But since it was doing extremely well, they deciding to keep the series going.  Also, this is the originally version where after the "poof" it would just be black & end the series. But if you go on the Garfield website, it would just should that it was all a dream. Good.     …

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  • 763492 is back

    Here's a poll for you to vote which companies that Jim Davis would able sale his Paws, Inc. company and as well as his IPs (e.g. Garfield) in the future and why.

    Please vote any company here The Walt Disney Company Time Warner Comcast/NBCUniversal Sony Viacom MGM Holdings Lionsgate Hasbro Mattel Saban Capital Group

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  • LolaSantos101

    RIP Lorenzo Music

    November 30, 2017 by LolaSantos101

    I can't believe it's been about 16 years since we lost Lorenzo Music, the original voice of Garfield. I grew up with his voice. I mean Frank Welker does an okay Garfield, but it's not the same. May Lorenzo RIP always. 

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  • Cstoczyn


    October 6, 2017 by Cstoczyn

    Hi, What's Up? Cstoczyn (talk) 23:43, October 10, 2017 (UTC)

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  • Abdullahi95


    September 25, 2017 by Abdullahi95

    Sorry about the name. Something went wrong when I submitted this post. It was a working title for fun, but I accidentally sent it, and I cannot change the title. The real title is "A Message to TeeJay87".

    Hello, Tom.


    While writing this blog post wasn't really easy, due to our agressions for the past few years -and especially recently.

    I'll admit, I didn't work on this blog post often, but that's not because I didn't break any premises or didn't care, it wasn't easy to write.  I didn't have enough passion to finish this quickly, because this isn't a fun subject. I have also been unable to work on it for some time, due to several days without online access.

    End of introduction

    First of all, I'd like to apologize for getting so heated …

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  • Low Spark of Lyman

    Manual of Style

    September 7, 2017 by Low Spark of Lyman

    Since this wiki could use a Manual of Style, I have made this blog to list things to be considered for it. If you have any suggestions to make, write it in a comment for me to see.

    • American English is preferred (except where alternatives would be appropriate, e.g. British English for an actor/voice actor from the U.K.)
    • Episode layout:
      • Synopsis
      • Plot
      • Characters
      • Songs (if applicable)
      • Trivia
      • Goofs
      • Episode Box
    • Don’t use the pronoun “you” in articles (unless it's part of a quote). For example, instead of "During the final scene, you can see a portrait of Jim Davis", try "During the final scene, a portrait of Jim Davis can be seen".
    • Avoid using contractions (e.g. "he's", "can't"), except, again, for quotes.
    • Don't use "The episode begins with..." to start an …

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  • Flamey2010

    For Brazilian Users who don't understand english, i made Garfieldpedia Wikia (Brazilian Version of Garfield Wikia) to any brazilian (like me) understand. It will be place when brazilians see and edit pages. Have fun! And if you want to be admin, tell to me in user talk page!

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  • Cayser1111

    Hey guys, I just want to give my honest opinion about galleries. I really don't think the images' names should be abbreviated. Like for example, G'SBABS 170. I don't think the title is descriptive enogh. I'm more used to it not being abbreviated. I think they should be named like for example, Garfield'sBabesandBullets170. Just giving my frank opinion that's all.

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  • Low Spark of Lyman

    ...and (potentially) good news for artistic fans:

    Update: The deadline appears to have been extended; it will now end on August 31, instead of August 21.

    Update: Also check out the release form.

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