Birthday Boy Roy is an episode from the fourth season of Garfield and Friends.


For Roy's birthday, all the farm animals give him a pocket watch, which soon goes missing along with other things.


It is Roy's birthday, and he is excited about all the attention he will get in honor of his special day. He has put up reminders everywhere, then drops hints to the others. To his dismay, they are apparently unaware of what day it is as they guess different holidays. It turns out they are just toying with him; they do remember his birthday. For a gift, they all give him a watch.

During the festivities, Roy feels very happy for his special day until he is informed that his watch is gone, causing him to start accusing everyone of stealing it. When he leaves, the cake suddenly vanishes. Roy thinks Wade took his watch when Wade tells Bo the exact time. Wade confesses to every misdeed he ever did, none of which has anything to do with Roy's watch.

Lanolin says a new cake will be baked at 4:15, leaving Roy to believe she took it. A raccoon appears out of a tree's knothole and steals the cake. He then steals another present, which is a trap containing Booker inside. The raccoon runs away. Roy takes Lanolin's watch, thinking it is his own, and runs into the raccoon. Now that they found the culprit, Roy returns Lanolin's watch, gets his back, and apologizes for accusing everyone. The raccoon vows never to steal anything from the farm again (with his fingers crossed) and leaves. Orson tries diving into his waller, only to find that the raccoon has taken it.


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  • When Roy asks Orson and Wade if they know what day it is, Wade guesses "National Tapioca Pudding Day", referring to the season 1 episode by that name.

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