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The birds are a running gag in the Garfield comic strip. Garfield tends to try to catch them (with varying degrees of success).


  • Flying away from a birdbath that was filled with chicken stock. There was also an instance when a bird flew away from one that was filled with cooking oil, with similar results.
  • Escaping Garfield's attempts to sandwich them (multiple times).
  • Ice-skating above a birdbath Garfield sat in; the water within unknowingly froze to ice.
  • Using mouse holes in the house; five mice played volleyball in a birdbath as well.
  • Garfield, a bird, a worm, and a big dog all scare Jon by having the worm touch Jon by surprise.
  • Garfield tries to use himself as a makeshift birdbath; this causes a big blue bird to land on him.
  • After witnessing Jon feed a bird some birdseed, Garfield proceeded to do the same, causing a giant bird to bite his paw with its beak.
  • A bird once became suspicious after Garfield told it to autograph his tongue.
  • When a group of 7 birds around a birdbath heard Garfield say that he'll eat one, they all immediately flew away.
  • When Garfield once tried to catch a bird by jumping onto a tree branch, the bird flew away, causing Garfield to cling to the tree branch.
  • When Garfield once tried to chase a baby chicken, a group of adult chickens surrounded him and attacked.


  • Attempting to eat a bug in front of Garfield; this prompted Garfield to crush the bird and squash the bug.
  • When a baby chicken assumed that Garfield was its father and rejected a piece of lasagna offered to it by him, Garfield told it that no son of his would refuse lasagna and ordered it to go back to its mother.
  • When a bird once spotted Garfield in a birdbath, it tried to get him to leave, but Garfield refused to do so.
  • After Garfield once went on a walk, a canary shortage was reported on the news shortly after he came home.


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