Binky Goes Bad! is an episode from the second season of Garfield and Friends.


Binky has been brought to court on the charges of grand theft and robbery. Garfield decides to prove his innocence.


Jon and Garfield are in a courthouse, watching the trial of Binky the Clown. Binky does not take anything seriously and constantly takes opportunities to make jokes and goof off throughout the court session, compelling Garfield to leave. He then consults the episode script to find out what happened to Binky.

Binky, through his show on television, was loved by all except Stinky Davis, a former clown who was kicked out of the Clown Convention for making naughty balloon animals. Binky's success gave Stinky an idea that would make him rich. Disguised as Binky, Stinky proceeded to rob banks and jewelry stores. This convinces the police that Binky is responsible for the crime spree. Eventually, the police chase after Binky, who ends up in a bakery, allowing him to defend himself by throwing pies. After some unsuccessful attempts at bargaining with him, they finally capture him, identify him, and put him on trial.

Garfield, appalled by the situation, looks for Stinky to bring justice. After finding him in a circus parade, Garfield disguises himself as a ring leader, leading the parade into the courtroom. When Stinky realizes he is in a courtroom, he runs off, bumping into Binky. The two argue over who is the real Binky. Garfield presents the judge with the line "Order in the court", revealing the real Binky after he responds to the "old joke". Stinky is then apprehended, much to his chagrin.

After Stinky is driven away, Binky thanks Garfield for his deed. To repay him, Binky proposes to visit Garfield constantly with numerous surprises, starting with a box that hits Garfield in the face with a pie. Garfield then reconsiders what he has done.

"Which one is the real one?"


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  • When Binky and Stinky argue over who is the real Binky the Clown, an elephant's ear is partly uncolored.

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