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Binky Gets Cancelled Again! is an episode from the third season of Garfield and Friends.


Binky the Clown's show is cancelled and replaced by an educational series starring The Buddy Bears.


Garfield tells the audience that he has a sad story about Binky the Clown. He is able to tell the story when the audience accepts it (since there would not be much of an episode otherwise).

Binky, the town's #1 kids show host, got complaints from parents about not having enough educational material, as he is merely an entertainer known for slapstick humor. As a result, the station manager replaced him with the Buddy Bears, a trio of bears who promote group harmony in lieu of Binky's "anti-social cruel humor". The station manager gave Binky chances with other station roles, such as newscaster and wrestling announcer. When none of those work out, Binky was removed from the station.

One day, when Garfield prepared to watch Binky, he wound up finding the Buddy Bears. Disgusted by the bears' approach, Garfield searched for Binky. Binky, meanwhile, tried to find work outside the station, having no more luck with jobs such as chauffeur and librarian. Upon finding the clown, Garfield vowed to get him rehired (noting "every so often, I do something nice, just to keep folks off guard").

At the station, Garfield tried to tell the Buddy Bears that they do not need to agree on everything and that they should have individual points of view; the ideas fail to resonate with them. He then posed as a caterer, asking the Buddy Bears for pizza toppings, which elicited different responses from all of them. This resulted in the bears finally starting an argument, which carried on to their show.

As the station manager presented a live episode of The Buddy Bears to a group of people, the bears' argument is featured. When the argument caught on to the group, the manager rehires Binky after finding him running a campaign for public office.

After Binky gets his show back, The Buddy Bears end up serving food for Garfield.


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  • As the episodes name states, this is a follow-up to "Binky Gets Cancelled!"
  • This episode marks the first appearance of The Buddy Bears.
  • This (technically) marks Binky’s last appearance until "The Feline Philosopher", and his last major role on the show.
  • In the Spanish version of the episode, as the people start to argue, a man says that meatballs and paprika (instead of peppers) are used for ideal toppings, while a woman mentioned onions and smoked ham (instead of Canadian bacon).

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