Binky Burger

Binky Burger exterior

Binky Burger is a fictitious fast-food joint seen in the Garfield franchise. It is one of Jon Arbuckle's all-time favorite restaurants: he loves it so much, in fact, that he frequently takes Liz Wilson to eat there on their "dates" together.

Its mascot is Binky the Clown, hence the restaurant's name.



Binky Burger's debut in the Garfield comics.

Binky Burger made its first appearance in the comic strip on June 28th, 1989, when Jon finally manages to take Liz out onto a date. Before taking her roller skating, he rushes through the Binky Burger drive-thru to feast on some delicious "Binky" Burgers, much to Liz's chagrin.

Binky Burger has made several appearances since, most of them with Jon and Liz returning there for later dates.

In the December 30th, 2017 strip, Jon tells Garfield that he and Liz are going out again for New Year's Eve. Garfield replies, "Back to Binky Burger to watch the clown drop."


Most strips seem to depict the "Binky Burger" as one of the main items on the menu. In others, however, Jon is in the drive-thru ordering the "Happy Burger": in one strip, for example, Jon orders two happy burgers (one for him, the other for Garfield), but the drive-thru employee only gives Jon a hard time, pointing out that he doesn't sound "happy", suggesting Jon order the "Grumpy Burger". In response, Jon furiously yells "HAPPY BURGERS!!" Through the drive-thru mic, to-which the employee responds with "Would you like some 'rude fries' to go with that?" It is unknown if the "Binky Burger" and the "Happy Burger" are the same item (possibly with the restaurant renaming the item in-universe) or if they represent different variants of the hamburger.

In addition, in the debut strip, Jon orders "extra nose squeakers", although it has never been clear what a "nose squeaker" is.


  • Binky Burger may be intended to serve as a parody of McDonald’s and/or Jack in the Box: both of which use clowns as their official mascots.


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