Binky's Birthday Song is the song Binky the Clown sings for birthday recipients.

In Peace & Quiet, he plans to sing it to Edna Fogerty, but ends up at the Arbuckle house by mistake. Eventually, Garfield - who has no way of informing the clown that he's at the wrong house - disguises himself as Mrs. Fogerty to satisfy Binky. Later, Jon Arbuckle and Odie return home to celebrate Garfield's birthday, which includes Binky singing to Garfield (much to the latter's dismay).


Binky the Clown

Happy birthday, happy birthday,
Whoop-de-doo, whoop-de-doo!
May your day be pleasant, open up your present,
Just for you, just for you!
(repeat ad nauseam)


Cultural References

  • The melody of the song is identical to "Freres Jacques".
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