Bigfeetz is an episode from the sixth season of Garfield and Friends.


Jon takes Garfield and Odie on a search for the legendary Bigfeetz in order to collect a $50,000 reward.


While watching the show Incredible Stuff, Jon and the pets find out about a big $50,000 reward for a clear photo of the mythical Bigfeetz. They head out to the woods to find the creature.

While looking in the woods, Jon hits his head and becomes unconscious. Odie stays with him while Garfield goes into the woods to get help. He gets lost and finds two other hikers who are looking for Bigfeetz as well. Garfield goes toward the hikers, thinking that they will help him get back to Jon. Instead, they kick him down a hill. Garfield then finds a trail of giant footprints that leads to a shack, belonging to Bigfeetz. The man is a very friendly fellow and offers Garfield his hospitality and a large hotdog.

The hikers then track Bigfeetz and plot to take him to the zoo, thinking they will be paid much more than the 50 grand for the show. Garfield knocks them out with the smell of one of Bigfeetz' stinky socks. Garfield, accompanied by Bigfeetz, returns to Jon, who proceeds to take photos of everyone with the creature.

When Jon shows the photos to the host of the show, he turns them down because Elvis is not in any of them; he wanted photos of Bigfeetz and Elvis, having plenty of the former alone. At that moment, Elvis shows up outside the studio asking what time it is. Jon gives him an answer, then continues talking with his pets before they realize who had just appeared. They eventually run after him.


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