The Big Vicious Dog
is a dog that often enjoys barking quietly at Garfield. His rear end is rarely seen. He is usually seen next to a "Beware of Dog" sign, hence the name he's been given by several fans (another one is Chain Dog). His prototype's first appearance was on September 12, 1995, changing designs once in a while until around 2007.


  • He and Garfield actually communicate as friends or business associates some of the time.
  • A brown version of him was shown on Oct. 25, 2003.
  • A macaroon version was shown on Feb. 8, 2004
    • He also was shown to have an assistant, a blue dachshund. After the macaroon dog said he was late for another appointment, he turned the dachshund towards Garfield.
  • He showed Garfield that he had made a CD that was available in the lobby.


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